Vintage Ironing

Vintage Ironing

Dear Susan – I have been battleing breast cancer (diagnosed June 2011) and ovarian cancer (diagnosed January 2012). It has been rough but things are on the bright side.

Our three cats have many places where they like to doze or nap. Favorite spots beside our laps are sofas and chairs but my ironing board, my working table and some baskets filled with fabrics are very popular as well.

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Crafted with elegant groove shaped corners, this vintage styled mirror features a sophisticated bevelled edge. This mirror can be hung vertically or horizontall

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We have a 35ft 1952 Royal Spartan Spartanette trailer for sale right outside of Atlanta, Ga. We lived in it for 6 months but we are moving into the city.

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High-resolution vintage photo archive with thousands of HD images.

Dri-Pak produces a range of household cleaning and laundry products, traditional products that your grandmother used to use.

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All you need to know about preparations and equipment for successful ironing and learn the process of ironing a dress shirt.

#193 Merry Mini’s 193 “Finished: 4 in. (Santa), 3 x 5 in. (tree), 3-1/2 in. (Poinsettia)” #194

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These beauty tips will change the way you do your makeup, manicures, and hair forever.

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